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Types AL..F2D2/F4D2 are roller type freewheels, self contained, sealed and bearing supported, using two 160.. series bearings. Units are delivered oil lubricated.

Primarily used as overrunning or indexing clutches, the cover combination is chosen according to the type of drive, as shown overleaf. D2* cover is used to close the unit. It is equipped with two screws for oil filling, drain and level. The shaft seal is a V-ring type. Cover and seal have been designed to be oil proof with minimum drag torque.

We recommend the unit is supplied assembled. Please specify inner race direction of rotation seen from the D2* flange.

*These data refer to the indications in the product data sheet attached below (on page 2).

Product Data Sheets

  • p-7426-sc-a4_al-f4d2
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Product Catalog

  • (A4) Overrunning Clutches & Backstops

Service Manual

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Stieber ALF2D2 and ALF4D2 Clutches

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