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Stieber RDBK Backstops for Inclined Coal Mine Conveyors

A major gearbox OEM needed a compact, load-sharing, releasable backstop solution for use on a new incline conveyor system at a coal mine in Pennsylvania. Unlike other backstop designs that offer limited reverse rotation after being engaged, the new solution needed to allow for a controlled release under load and be able to rotate backwards for maintenance and clearing work.

To meet the application requirements, Stieber Clutch provided newly developed RDBK high-speed backstops. The RDBK features an internal torque limiter which is specially-designed for use on the high-speed or intermediate shaft of the driving unit in multi-drive systems, such as on large inclined conveyors, where two or more backstops share the reverse load.

RDBK units also feature a releasable function which helps reduce downtime once the backstop has been engaged in the event of a blockage, belt jam or overload. Through the use of an internal hydraulic system, the RDBK is capable of performing as many reverse rotations as needed to completely unload a conveyor prior to maintenance work being performed.

With a maximum torque capacity of 180,000 Nm, a unique, compact design gives the RDBK up to 3.5 times more torque capacity than backstops of similar design; with up to 15 times more energy dissipation. The friction linings work in an oil bath to make sure that the unit remains functional after long periods of inaction.

Stieber RDBK Clutch


  • High-speed backstop with integrated torque limiter for load sharing Specifically designed for multi-drive system
  • Release function allows for unlimited reverse rotations to completely unload the conveyor (within limits of energy dissipation)
  • Power-dense, compact footprint
  • 11 models available with torque capacities from 5,500 Nm to 180,000 Nm
  • 3.5 times more torque capacity and up to 15 times more energy dissipation than backstops of similar design

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