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Types RIZ, RINZ are centrifugal lift off sprag type freewheels with the inner race rotating. Suitable for backstop, or overrunning clutch applications. Only the inner race is designed for freewheeling.

These units are part of the Stieber modular system. They are bearing supported using series 60.. bearings, grease lubricated and fitted with ZZ seals. Units are delivered as standard lubricated with grease and ready to install in either a horizontal or vertical position. Types RIZ, RINZ are designed to be used with G series covers. The following pages give further important information for use of this type unit.

If the unit is to be installed inside a housing where oil lubrication is available, please specify type RIW, RIWN. The F series covers from type GFR, GFRN are then used without shaft seals.

Product Data Sheets

  • p-7426-sc-a4_rinz
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Product Catalog

  • (A4) Overrunning Clutches & Backstops

Service Manual

  • (A4) RIZ & RINZ Types

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Stieber RIZ and RINZ Centrifugally Lift Off Sprags

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