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Backstops type RDBR-E are directly mounted on the drive shaft, e.g. of heavy duty conveyer belts, mixing drum drives and chain conveyors, when torque limiting / load sharing or the release function is required.

RDBR-E features a roller type backstop design with a fully bearing supported multidisc brake for the torque limiting function. The optional release function allows the tension of a jammed belt to be controlled released. Once the brake is fully opened, the capability of an unlimited rolling backwards makes maintenance safe and easy.

To activate the release function, a simple hydraulic hand pump or power pack can be used. A mechanical release is available on request. Backstops RDBR-E are self contained and oil lubricated.

A special sealing arrangement with grease packed labyrinth seal guarantees highest reliability under harsh conditions. The recommended shaft fit is H7/f6. The torque arm must not be rigidly fixed to the foundation. For security reasons a stopper in overrunning direction is recommended. When installed, the backstop must be axially secured.

Product Features

  • Highest torque capacity for releasable external backstops in the market
  • Load sharing over several backstops
  • The Stieber RDBR-E limiting / load sharing low speed backstop can really limit the stresses and protect your conveyor belt system

Product Data Sheets

  • p-7426-sc-a4_rdbr-e
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Product Catalog

  • (A4) Overrunning Clutches & Backstops

Service Manual

  • (A4) Type RDBR 280-500-E/E-H Assembly and Maintenance Manual

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Stieber Clutch RDBR-E
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